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B- Tannahill Intermediate School

701 American Flyer Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76108

A- Whiteface School

401 Antelope Blvd, Whiteface, TX 79379

B Whitehouse High School

901 E Main, Whitehouse, TX 75791

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To find local school information, click on any state link below. For each school we will provide a SchoolReview Grade and valuable information such as student/teacher ratio, enrollment, school safety data, and more.

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Our Grading System

When grading schools we look at a wide range of metrics, which and be categorized into three buckets: Academic Performance, Learning Enviroment and Safety.


Test scores, graduation rate, AP participation, etc.

Learning Enviroment

Student teacher ratio, teacher tenure, attendence, etc.


Suspensions, expulsions, local crime information, etc.

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