Pepin County - Elementary Schools

Using school academic, learning enviroment and safety data, an overall grade has been calculated for each Elementary school in Pepin County. The list below shows these schools in their rank order, as determined by our grading system.

Top Elementary Schools in Pepin County
  1. Caddie Woodlawn Elementary School
  2. Pepin Elementary School
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#288 Elementary School in WI and #1 in Pepin County

PK - 5 | Durand, WI | Pepin County

  • B+ Overall Grade
  • 15:1 Student/Teacher
  • 484 Students

Report Card

A- Academic Results
B- Learning Environment
A School Safety
B+ Overall Grade

#481 Elementary School in WI and #2 in Pepin County

PK - 6 | Pepin, WI | Pepin County

  • B Overall Grade
  • 12:1 Student/Teacher
  • 142 Students

Report Card

C Academic Results
A+ Learning Environment
NA School Safety
B Overall Grade