Elementary Middle School in Los Angeles County, CA

Cubberley K-8

3200 Monogram Ave, Long Beach, CA 90808

Note: The School Review only assigns rankings to Elementary, Middle or High schools. This school does not fit clearly into one of those school classifications and is therefore unranked.

How Good is Cubberley K-8?

Report Card

A- Academic Results
B Learning Enviroment
A School Safety
A- Overall Grade

Cubberley K-8 is in Long Beach, California and is a Los Angeles County school. It has 1037 students and 42 teachers and serves grades K-8.

This school performs above average when compared to other California schools. Cubberley K-8 received an overall grade of A- from The School Review. This school is not ranked in the state or county.

For our grading we use data provided by the schools to the U.S. Department of Education. We take this information and compare dozens of data points to assign every school a grade for academics, safety and learning environment. These scores are combined to calculate the overall grade. If you would like to know more about how our grading system works, please visit our methodology page.


California standardized test results, among other data points, are used to determine the academic grade for a school. Cubberley K-8 received a grade of A- for academics. For this measure, this school is above average when compared to other elementary/middle schools in California.

Source: CA Standardized Tests
Academics Grade A-
Test Performance Very Good
Algebra 1 Passed N/A

Learning Enviroment

To evaluate the learning environment at a school we compare a variety of factors like teacher certifications, experience and chronic absenteeism. For learning environment, Cubberley K-8 performs average when compared to other elementary/middle schools in California and received the grade of B for this measure.

Students : Teacher
CA Avg. 24
Uncertified Teachers
CA Avg. 2%
New Teachers
CA Avg. 15%
Learning Enviroment Grade B
Student–Teacher Ratio Poor
Student Absenteeism Very Good
Teacher Absenteeism Good
Teacher Certifications Excellent
Teacher Experience Excellent


Factors such as suspension rate and number of physical altercations at a school are used to calculate our safety score. For safety, Cubberley K-8 performs above average when compared to other elementary/middle schools in California and received the grade of A for this measure.

Safety Grade A
In-School Suspensions Excellent
Out-of-School Suspensions Very Good
Physical Altercations Very Good


Basic student body information from Cubberley K-8 is included below. A school’s demographics play no part in determining its grade.

Students w/ Disablities
CA Avg. 8%
Free Lunch
CA Avg. 50%
Econ. Disadvantaged
CA Avg. 59%
% Race/Ethnicity
% Male/Female
Total Enrollment 1,037
Minority Students 652
Diversity Index 61
Students with Disablities 152
Economically Disadvantaged 30%
Limited English Proficiency 6%
Gifted Students 10%


High Diversity - This award indicates that the student body at a school is among the most racially and ethnically diverse in the nation. Less than 10% of schools qualify for this badge. Read more about how this metric was calculated and why TheSchoolReview feels it is important to recognize those schools with highly diverse student populations.

Compare Nearby Schools

Below are elementary/middle schools nearest to Cubberley K-8. The table displays The School Review’s grade for these schools. All Long Beach schools can be seen on the Long Beach, California schools listing page.

School Overall Grade Academic Results Learning Enviroment School Safety
1 Helen Keller Middle School A+ A+ A- A+
2 Emerson Parkside Academy A- A C- A-
3 Henry A A C A+
4 Marshall Academy of the Arts A- A C- A+
5 Burcham Elementary School B- B+ D C+

Cubberley K-8 - Quick FAQ

At the time we collected data, these were the answers to common questions about the school.

  • How many students attend Cubberley K-8? The school reported 1037 enrolled students to the U.S Dept of Education.
  • How good of a school is Cubberley K-8? The school received an overall grade of A-, which means it is above average when compared to similar schools within the state.
  • What school county is Cubberley K-8 in? The school is located in Los Angeles County.
  • How can I contact Cubberley K-8? The school's number is (562) 420-8810.
  • Where is Cubberley K-8? 3200 Monogram Ave, Long Beach, California 90808
Nearby Schools
Helen Keller Middle School
7020 E Brittain St Long Beach, CA 90808
Emerson Parkside Academy
2625 Josie Ave Long Beach, CA 90815
3720 Canehill Ave Long Beach, CA 90808
Marshall Academy of the Arts
5870 E Wardlow Rd Long Beach, CA 90808
Burcham Elementary School
5610 E Monlaco Rd Long Beach, CA 90808