Elementary Middle School in Tarrant County, TX

Tannahill Intermediate School

701 American Flyer Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76108

Note: The School Review only assigns rankings to Elementary, Middle or High schools. This school does not fit clearly into one of those school classifications and is therefore unranked.

How Good is Tannahill Intermediate School?

Report Card

B Academic Results
D Learning Enviroment
A+ School Safety
B- Overall Grade

Tannahill Intermediate School is a elementary/middle school in Fort Worth, Texas. It is in Tarrant County. It has 947 students and 53 teachers and serves grades 5-6.

This school received an overall grade of B-. Compared to other state schools Tannahill Intermediate School scores are average. State and county rankings are unavailable for this school.

The School Review uses U.S. Department of Education school data for our grading. We take this information and compare dozens of data points to assign every school a grade for academics, safety and learning environment. An overall grade is then calculated based on a weighted combination of those scores. Our methodology page has details on our grading system.


Texas standardized test results, among other data points, are used to determine the academic score for a school. Tannahill Intermediate School performs average compared to other Texas elementary/middle schools for academics. The school's grade for this metric is B.

Source: TX Standardized Tests
Academics Grade B
Test Performance Good
Algebra 1 Passed N/A

Learning Enviroment

To evaluate the learning environment at a school we compare a variety of factors like teacher certifications, experience and chronic absenteeism. Tannahill Intermediate School earned a grade of D for learning environment. For this measure, this school is below average when compared to other elementary/middle schools in Texas.

Students : Teacher
TX Avg. 16
Uncertified Teachers
TX Avg. 7%
New Teachers
TX Avg. 21%
Learning Enviroment Grade D
Student–Teacher Ratio Fair
Student Absenteeism Poor
Teacher Absenteeism Good
Teacher Certifications Poor
Teacher Experience Excellent


Inputs such as suspension rate and number of physical altercations at a school are used to determine our safety score. Tannahill Intermediate School performs significantly above average compared to other Texas elementary/middle schools for safety. The school's grade for this metric is A+.

Safety Grade A+
In-School Suspensions Very Good
Out-of-School Suspensions Excellent
Physical Altercations N/A


The demographics of the student body at Tannahill Intermediate School are summarized below. A school’s demographics are not a factor when calculating its grade.

Students w/ Disablities
TX Avg. 8%
Free Lunch
TX Avg. 55%
Econ. Disadvantaged
TX Avg. 63%
% Race/Ethnicity
% Male/Female
Total Enrollment 947
Minority Students 533
Diversity Index 48
Students with Disablities 89
Economically Disadvantaged 61%
Limited English Proficiency 16%
Gifted Students 7%

Compare Nearby Schools

Listed below are elementary/middle schools close to Tannahill Intermediate School. The table includes The School Review’s grade for each of the schools. For a full directory of Fort Worth schools, go to the Fort Worth, Texas schools page.

School Overall Grade Academic Results Learning Enviroment School Safety
1 Blue Haze Elementary School B+ A- D A
2 North Elementary School B- B+ D C
3 West Elementary School C- C D C-
4 Fine Arts Academy B A D B-
5 High Point Academy B- C+ C+ B-

Tannahill Intermediate School - Quick FAQ

At the time we collected data, these were the answers to common questions about the school.

  • How many students are at Tannahill Intermediate School? The school reported 947 enrolled students to the U.S Dept of Education.
  • Is Tannahill Intermediate School a good school? The school received an overall grade of B-, which means it is average when compared to similar schools within the state.
  • What school county is Tannahill Intermediate School in? The school is located in Tarrant County.
  • How can I contact Tannahill Intermediate School? The school's number is (817) 367-1370.
  • Where is Tannahill Intermediate School? 701 American Flyer Blvd, Fort Worth, Texas 76108
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