Middle High School in Calhoun County, WV

Calhoun Middle/High School

50 Underwood Circle, Mt. Zion, WV 26151

Note: The School Review only assigns rankings to Elementary, Middle or High schools. This school does not fit clearly into one of those school classifications and is therefore unranked.

How Good is Calhoun Middle/High School?

Report Card

NA Academic Results
C Learning Enviroment
D School Safety
NA Overall Grade

Calhoun Middle/High School is a middle/high school located in Mt. Zion, West Virginia. Serving grades M-M, the school has 584 students and a student–teacher ratio of 14 students per teacher.

This school's data was incomplete, therefore an overall grade could not be assigned. State and county rankings are unavailable for this school.

The School Review uses U.S. Department of Education school data for our analysis. We take this information and compare dozens of data points to assign every school a grade for academics, safety and learning environment. The school's overall grade is then computed through a weighted aggregation of those scores. If you would like to know more about how our grading system works, please visit our methodology page.


West Virginia standardized test scores, among other data points, are used to determine the academic grade for a school. We were unable to determine the academics grade for this school due to incomplete data.

Academics Grade NA
Test Performance N/A
AP/IB Participation N/A
SAT/ACT Participation N/A
Algebra 1 Passed N/A

Learning Enviroment

We use factors including chronic absenteeism, teacher experience, teacher certifications among others to evaluate the learning environment of a school. For learning environment, Calhoun Middle/High School performs slightly below average when compared to other middle/high schools in West Virginia and earned the grade of C for this measure.

Students : Teacher
WV Avg. 14
Uncertified Teachers
WV Avg. 6%
New Teachers
WV Avg. 14%
Learning Enviroment Grade C
Student–Teacher Ratio Fair
Student Absenteeism Good
Teacher Absenteeism Poor
Teacher Certifications Excellent
Teacher Experience Fair


A school’s safety score is determined by inspecting inputs such as a suspension rates and physical altercations. Calhoun Middle/High School received a grade of D for safety. For this measure, this school is below average when compared to other middle/high schools in West Virginia.

Safety Grade D
In-School Suspensions Poor
Out-of-School Suspensions Poor
Physical Altercations Poor


An overview of the student body of Calhoun Middle/High School is shown below. Demographics are not used when evaluating a school.

Students w/ Disablities
WV Avg. 14%
Free Lunch
WV Avg. 17%
Econ. Disadvantaged
WV Avg. 46%
% Race/Ethnicity
% Male/Female
Total Enrollment 584
Minority Students 12
Diversity Index 2
Students with Disablities 71
Economically Disadvantaged 45%
Limited English Proficiency 0%
Gifted Students 2%

Compare Nearby Schools

The closest middle/high schools to Calhoun Middle/High School are listed below. Scores for the schools are listed in the table. All Mt. Zion schools can be viewed on the Mt. Zion, West Virginia schools listing page.

School Overall Grade Academic Results Learning Enviroment School Safety
1 Spencer Middle School C- C- C C
2 Roane County High School C+ B- C- C+
3 Geary Elementary/Middle School B- B C+ C+
4 Gilmer County High School A A A+ C+
5 Walton Elementary/Middle School B- B C+ C+

Calhoun Middle/High School - Quick FAQ

At the time we collected data, these were the answers to common questions about the school.

  • How many students are enrolled at Calhoun Middle/High School? 584 students.
  • Is Calhoun Middle/High School a good school? The school received an overall grade of N/A, which means it is N/A when compared to similar schools within the state.
  • What school county is Calhoun Middle/High School in? The school is located in Calhoun County.
  • How can I contact Calhoun Middle/High School? The school's number is (304) 354-6148.
  • Where is Calhoun Middle/High School? 50 Underwood Circle, Mt. Zion, West Virginia 26151
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