#251 Elementary School in WV and #7 in Jackson County

Ripley Elementary School

404 Second Avenue, Ripley, WV 25271

How Good is Ripley Elementary School?

Report Card

C+ Academic Results
C Learning Enviroment
C School Safety
C+ Overall Grade

Ripley Elementary School is located in Ripley, West Virginia. Serving grades M-M, the school has 636 students and a student–teacher ratio of 13 students per teacher.

This school received an overall grade of C+. Compared to other state schools Ripley Elementary School scores are slightly below average. Of elementary schools in the Jackson County it is ranked 7. Statewide, Ripley Elementary School is ranked 251 for elementary schools.

To calculate school grades, The School Review uses data collected by the U.S. Department of Education. We take this information and compare dozens of data points to assign every school a grade for academics, safety and learning environment. The overall grade is then computed through a weighted aggregation of those scores. You can read a more detailed description of our grading system on our methodology page.


A number of factors, including West Virginia standardized test scores, are used to calculate a school’s academics grade. For academics, Ripley Elementary School performs slightly below average when compared to other elementary schools in West Virginia and received the grade of C+ for this measure.

Source: WV Standardized Tests
Academics Grade C+
Test Performance Fair

Learning Enviroment

The learning environment at a school is evaluated by comparing a variety of factors such as teacher certification rates, student attendance and percentage of novice teachers. Ripley Elementary School earned a grade of C for learning environment. For this measure, this school is slightly below average when compared to other elementary schools in West Virginia.

Students : Teacher
WV Avg. 15
Uncertified Teachers
WV Avg. 2%
New Teachers
WV Avg. 13%
Learning Enviroment Grade C
Student–Teacher Ratio Very Good
Student Absenteeism Poor
Teacher Absenteeism Poor
Teacher Certifications Excellent
Teacher Experience Very Good


Suspension and physical altercation rates are used to determine a school’s safety grade. Ripley Elementary School earned a grade of C for safety. For this measure, this school is slightly below average when compared to other elementary schools in West Virginia.

Safety Grade C
In-School Suspensions Poor
Out-of-School Suspensions Good
Physical Altercations N/A


Basic student body information from Ripley Elementary School can be seen below. The demographics of a school are not used as a factor when evaluating its performance.

Students w/ Disablities
WV Avg. 18%
Free Lunch
WV Avg. 16%
Econ. Disadvantaged
WV Avg. 52%
% Race/Ethnicity
% Male/Female
Total Enrollment 636
Minority Students 14
Diversity Index 3
Students with Disablities 140
Economically Disadvantaged 46%
Limited English Proficiency 1%
Gifted Students 2%

Compare Nearby Schools

Below are elementary schools nearest to Ripley Elementary School. Use the table to compare The School Review’s grades for these nearby schools. To find a complete list of local schools, visit the Ripley, West Virginia schools page.

School Overall Grade Academic Results Learning Enviroment School Safety
1 Evans Elementary School A A+ C+ C+
2 Fairplain Elementary School A- A C+ C+
3 Gilmore Elementary School B A- C- B
4 Cottageville Elementary School B- B+ D D
5 Ravenswood Grade School B B C+ B

Ripley Elementary School - Quick FAQ

At the time we collected data, these were the answers to common questions about the school.

  • How many students attend Ripley Elementary School? 636
  • Is Ripley Elementary School a good school? The school received an overall grade of C+, which means it is slightly below average when compared to similar schools within the state.
  • What school county is Ripley Elementary School in? The school is located in Jackson County.
  • How can I contact Ripley Elementary School? The school's number is (304) 372-7345.
  • Where is Ripley Elementary School? 404 Second Avenue, Ripley, West Virginia 25271

How we rate schools?

We rank elementary schools across three criteria: Academics, Learning Environment, and Safety. We assess Academics using statewide standardized test scores, by comparing each school’s test performance to the distribution of elementary schools on the same test in the state. We then compute overall achievement by averaging a school’s standardized performance across subjects and years. We evaluate a school’s Learning Environment by combining various classroom indicators, such as the ratio of teachers to students and the percent of teachers who are novice, uncertified, or chronically absent. Finally, we measure the Safety of an elementary school from the percent of students receiving in-school and out-of-school suspensions and the reported incidents of physical altercations per 100 students. While we recognize any ranking metric is inherently subjective, we believe our grades can serve as a valuable resource to help students and parents compare neighborhood schools and find the best school to fit their desired educational needs.

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