#39 High School in WV and #1 in Jackson County

Ripley High School

2 School Street, Ripley, WV 25271

How Good is Ripley High School?

Report Card

B+ Academic Results
C- Learning Enviroment
B- School Safety
B- Overall Grade

Located in Ripley, West Virginia, Ripley High School, is a Jackson County school. Serving grades M-M, the school has 936 students and a student–teacher ratio of 17 students per teacher.

When compared to other schools in West Virginia it is average and has received and a grade of B- from The School Review. Of high schools, Ripley High School ranks 39 in the state and 1 for its county.

The school data used in our analysis is collected by the U.S. Department of Education and state boards of education. We take this information and compare dozens of data points to assign every school a grade for academics, safety and learning environment. An overall grade is then calculated based on a weighted combination of those scores. To learn more about how our grading works, please visit our methodology page.


For high schools, a number of factors, including standardized test scores, SAT participation and AP/IB enrollment are used to determine a school’s academics grade. Ripley High School performs slightly above average compared to other West Virginia high schools for academics. The school's grade for this metric is B+.

Source: WV Standardized Tests
Academics Grade B+
Test Performance Good
AP/IB Participation Very Good
SAT/ACT Participation Good

Learning Enviroment

To evaluate the learning environment at a school we inspect a variety of factors including teacher certifications, experience and chronic absenteeism. Ripley High School performs slightly below average compared to other West Virginia high schools for learning environment. The school's grade for this metric is C-.

Students : Teacher
WV Avg. 15
Uncertified Teachers
WV Avg. 5%
New Teachers
WV Avg. 10%
Learning Enviroment Grade C-
Student–Teacher Ratio Fair
Student Absenteeism Poor
Teacher Absenteeism Poor
Teacher Certifications Excellent
Teacher Experience Good


School safety is evaluated by looking at factors such as suspension and physical altercation rate at a school. For safety, Ripley High School performs average when compared to other high schools in West Virginia and received the grade of B- for this measure.

Safety Grade B-
In-School Suspensions Poor
Out-of-School Suspensions Very Good
Physical Altercations Very Good


The demographics of the student body at Ripley High School are summarized below. A school’s demographics are not used when calculating its score.

Students w/ Disablities
WV Avg. 13%
Free Lunch
WV Avg. 28%
Econ. Disadvantaged
WV Avg. 43%
% Race/Ethnicity
% Male/Female
Total Enrollment 936
Minority Students 23
Diversity Index 3
Students with Disablities 122
Economically Disadvantaged 37%
Limited English Proficiency 0%
Gifted Students N/A

Compare Nearby Schools

A few of the closest high schools to Ripley High School are included below. The table includes The School Review’s score for each of the schools. To get a full list of schools in Ripley, go to the Ripley, West Virginia schools page.

School Overall Grade Academic Results Learning Enviroment School Safety
1 Ravenswood High School C+ C B+ B+
2 Southern High School B- C+ A- C-
3 Roane County High School C+ B- C- C+
4 Buffalo High School C+ B- C B-
5 Winfield High School A A+ B+ B+

Ripley High School - Quick FAQ

At the time we collected data, these were the answers to common questions about the school.

  • How many students are enrolled at Ripley High School? The school reported 936 enrolled students to the U.S Dept of Education.
  • How good of a school is Ripley High School? The school received an overall grade of B-, which means it is average when compared to similar schools within the state.
  • What school county is Ripley High School in? The school is located in Jackson County.
  • How can I contact Ripley High School? The school's number is (304) 372-7355.
  • Where is Ripley High School? 2 School Street, Ripley, West Virginia 25271

How we rate schools?

We rank high schools across three criteria: Academics, Learning Environment, and Safety. We assess Academics using statewide standardized test scores, by comparing each school’s test performance across subjects and years to the distribution of high schools on the same tests in the state. We also assess a school’s Academics using indicators of college readiness and likelihood of future college enrollment. These measures include the percent of students enrolled in at least one Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate course and the percent of students taking the SAT or ACT. Next, we evaluate a school’s Learning Environment by combining various classroom indicators, such as the ratio of teachers to students and the percent of teachers who are novice, uncertified, and chronically absent. Finally, we measure Safety from the percent of students receiving in-school and out-of-school suspensions and the reported incidents of physical altercations per 100 students. While we recognize any ranking metric is inherently subjective, we believe our grades can serve as a valuable resource to help students and parents compare neighborhood schools and find the best school to fit their desired educational needs.

Nearby Schools
Ravenswood High School
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920 Elm St Racine, OH 45771
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One Raider Way Spencer, WV 25276
Buffalo High School
19005 Charleston Road Buffalo, WV 25033
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